Jiddu Krishnamurti Interviewed On Love, Sex & Pleasure.


Publicado em 3 de mar de 2012

The Dawning of Identity—Experience Is Binding
A Zen master wrote that the ego projects an ego on which to work in
order to preserve its own primacy; i.e., so long as you are working at
fixing this ego, or altering it in some way, you are firmly protected
from looking in the mirror. All eyes are focused, so to speak, on ego2
while ego1 remains unnoticed.
Try this experiment. Close your eyes. Notice how you feel right
now—present in the body. Go ahead and feel the complete
sense of the
position of your body and any sense of comfort or lack of comfort. Now
notice the feeling of being your self—the feeling of having an identity.
Notice the sense of self-awareness that is present. This sense of self
surrounds all perception and experience. You are you. You feel—”I
am.” This sense of self is behind all thought. I want you to focus your
attention—not with worded thought—but with direct feeling of this
sense of being you.
Now there’s just one problem with this—and that is—that entire
sense-of-self, that whole feeling of being you, that lovable “I-ness” is NOT
going to survive death. You need to remind yourself of this because
you have it in your head that it is the body that’s not going to survive.
Where—pray tell—are you going to live without your body?
Since you don’t really believe this, if you are still focused keenly
on that sense of “you” being here “now,” ask yourself this question: From
where does this sense of self arise? Where were you before your birth?
Where will you be after your death?
Can you even put your finger on the essence of this sense-of-being
without placing it in a personal context? Can you separate awareness
from yourself without taking ownership of it?
This self-identity is not your real being. This sense of self is
the egocentric position that takes ownership of everything—even of
awareness. Do not mistake the two as the same. That personal identity
is impermanent. Only the impersonal awareness that powers it is
permanent. The self you feel yourself to be right now is impermanent.
It is entirely dependent upon an impersonal awareness. Do not invert
reality. That identity felt as the sense-of-self does not possess awareness.
is entirely independent of it. When you hold to the notion
that you possess awareness, you cannot imagine awareness absent
your personal identity

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