Vírus HIV pode ter partido de Kinshasa (RDC África)

Caro Ronaldo,

A ciência, e a verdade, ou como canta Marisa Monte na onde da filosofia de Nietzsche, “verdade uma ilusão”.

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From the Dust Jacket of The River
Submitted by admin on Tue, 18/10/2005 – 1:34pm
IT NOW SEEMS CERTAIN THAT HIV can be traced back to retroviruses found in certain species of African apes and monkeys. But why did these simian viruses suddenly transfer to the human species? Those who believe in a natural movement across the species barrier would be hard-pressed to explain why this transfer did not occur until the late twentieth century. Do we need to look elsewhere for the true source of HIV and AIDS?

4- Summary of Origins Debate: http://www.aidsorigins.com/origins-aids-pandemic

A Quick Guide to The Principal Theories and the Alleged Refutations
PREAMBLE: The oral polio vaccine (OPV) theory of origin of AIDS proposes that an experimental OPV made in a unique manner was administered to nearly one million Africans in the 1957-1960 period, leading to the infection of perhaps 10 to 500 people from the former Belgian Congo and Ruanda-Urundi with the pandemic strain of HIV-1, thus initiating the AIDS pandemic. (UNAIDS has proposed that by 2010 over 80 million people had been infected with HIV-1, of whom some 46 million had died from AIDS. Even if some statisticians claim that the true figures are nearer to two thirds of these, AIDS still represents the most disastrous infectious disease epidemic that our species has ever experienced.)
Certain opponents of the OPV theory have sought to personalise it as “Ed Hooper’s theory”, but the theory had already been proposed, discussed and published by many others (such as Louis Pascal, Jennifer Alexander, Mike Lecatsas, Blaine Elswood, Raphael Stricker and Tom Curtis) in the years 1987-1992, before I first heard about it in the summer of 1992. I compared it with the 15 or so other theories of origin I had been examining from 1990-1992, and found that (apart from the default bushmeat theory, which has it that HIV-1 was acquired by a human during the hunting of chimps or the preparation of chimpanzee bushmeat) this was the only hypothesis that stood up to scrutiny. In the years since 1992, I and many others

(including the great evolutionary biologist, Bill Hamilton)

have examined further evidence from many different sources, and found that OPV is in fact a far more compelling theory of origin than bushmeat. We now know that roughly 15% of at least two subspecies of wild chimpanzees are naturally infected with a simian immunodeficiency virus (SIV) that is closely related to HIV-1. What has been crucial in the years since 2001 has been the gradual gathering of evidence from many different sources that batches of the experimental OPV were prepared locally in Africa in the cells of common chimpanzees and bonobos.
Let me now examine the two origins theories in a little more detail.
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5- http://www.aidsorigins.com/origins-of-aids-documentary-2003

The Origin of AIDS (Full Documentary)

E la nave va

{RCRISTO - Matemática, Ciência, Tecnologia, Informação, Conhecimento}

Vírus HIV A pandemia do HIV hoje deve ter começado sua expansão global a partir de Kinshasa, capital da República Democrática do Congo (RDC), de acordo com um novo estudo publicado na Science. (divulgação).

Uma equipe internacional de cientistas, das Universidades de Oxford e Leuven, reconstruiu a história genética do HIV-1 grupo M pandêmica, o evento viu o HIV se espalhar pelo continente Africano e ao redor do mundo e concluiu que se originou em Kinshasa. A análise da equipe sugere que o ancestral comum do grupo M é altamente provável de ter surgido em Kinshasa por volta de 1920 (com 95% das datas estimadas entre 1909 e 1930).

O vírus HIV é conhecido por ter sido transmitido a partir de primatas e macacos para seres humanos – pelo menos 13 vezes – mas apenas um destes acontecimentos de transmissão originou uma pandemia humana. Foi somente com o evento que…

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