Soccer players need mysticism as well as psychology

Leonardo Boff

A constructive idea of the CBF and the technical group of the Brazilian soccer team was to invite Regina Brandão, a psychologist specializing in the field, to accompany the players to their games. Psychological accompaniment had already existed for several years with the German soccer team. The purpose is clear: to create an atmosphere of inner serenity, to celebrate victories in a controlled way and to create the conditions for sound resilience in defeat, that is, to know how to turn around, learn from the mistakes and improve performance.

But I think that is still not enough. Psychology can be enriched by mysticism. Please do not tell me that I am introducing religion into soccer. Before anything, we must demystify mysticism. Mysticism has many meanings, two of the principal ones being the sociological and the spiritual, but not confessional, meanings.

I will give two examples that will clarify it better…

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