The World Overpopulation is a myth?


This article is my analysis on global overpopulation, in the course of University of Edinbugh:
Critical Thinking in Global Challenges, by professor Mayank Dutia, Dr. Celine Caquineau

Hi everyone,
The debate about the uncontrolled growth of the world population that is directly related to the global warming debate in a way is a return to Malthusianism ( Thomas Malthus ) . Thomas Malthus , is considered the father of demography for his theory to control population growth , known as Malthusianism. His Essay on the Principle of Population observed that sooner or later population will be checked by famine and disease , leading to what is known as a Malthusian catastrophe . He wrote in opposition to the popular view in 18th -century Europe saw the improving the society and in the principle perfectible .
The development of the last two centuries proved he was wrong back than , and countless scientific studies show that the increase in world population is almost equated question.
How developed countries equated their problems to have many children?
I would like to remind everyone that in the late nineteenth century and early twentieth century Europe “exported” millions of families to the world, including my country, Brazil. The same has happened again in the second great war for other reasons.
The northern countries basically eradicated poverty in post WWII, and therefore equated with population growth. Today European countries face the opposite problem, an aging population, with a birth rate often below what is considered minimum to maintain the population.

Clearly, this is a path and a many scenario shown numerous works, including the UN, unlike the myths and prejudices about world overpopulation, since Thomas Malthus, end poverty and improve the quality of life in the developing world, following the track of the northern hemisphere in the second half of the twentieth century, is a routed and pretty much equated solution.

As someone already said, the world changes since pre-history, what not changes are human problems: power, money, love and hate. Lots of ideology and little “common denominator” to solve problems. “If ideas prevail over mankind, a long time peace had already arrived on earth.”


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